"The map to our future is drawn with the ink from our past"

Welcome to our story

Owner – Alan Perry was raised in Noblesville, Indiana, where he grew up watching the brave men and women of The Noblesville Fire Department. In 1990, as a young teenager, Alan joined the Fire Departments Explorers post, where he realized his passion in life was to serve. Over the next several years, he volunteered at other local fire stations until he went to college in 1994. Alan earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and became a Telecommunications Engineer. In 2001, he left Telecommunications to follow that childhood dream of becoming a fireman. He desired to give back to his community and learn more fascinating skills. In 1996 while volunteering for the Town of Westfield, he was introduced to the world of hazmat. Little did he know this would become his second passion. Over the next 20+ years, while working on his days off from the fire department, he used his fire and hazmat knowledge along with his education to create a company called Quality Site Services. This company provided highly technical services to customers like AT&T, Verizon, SBA, ATC, Duke Energy, Mobility, City of Carmel, and Crown Castle. In 2006 he became licensed with the Indiana State chemist to produce a chemical program to help his customers control weed growth at their remote sites and offices. He provided mechanical and construction services, which led to becoming a contract construction manager for million-dollar projects. While side by side with the fire department and Quality Site Services over the years, he responded to multiple Hazardous materials accidents, building collapses, train derailments, and other natural disasters. He has worked on two countywide Hazmat teams and worked for a hazmat company in 2018. Alan continuously extended his education by going to classes and training to become an instructor in Hazmat Materials eventually. Alan now teaches at a national level for Hazardous material responses.


Owner – Jeff Ripley was raised in Westfield, Indiana. At a young age, Jeff worked on a farm where he learned a grassroots work ethic and the value of a firm handshake. It did not take long to fall in love with farming. He then found a passion for driving semi-trucks and plowing the fields. As Jeff grew older, his passion led him to the door of the Late Norm Paddack, Norm, along with his wife Vicki, had been serving the people of Hamilton County with their small wrecker service since 1979. With Norm and Vicki as his mentors, teachers, and humbled friends, Jeff excelled and found his life’s passion. When Jeff was 25 years old, he took on the extreme privilege of taking over the company. His devotion to the Paddack’s name has been his driving force to maintain the commitment to the customer and the community.

Paddack’s has become a staple to this community. He works with many police and fire departments and helps multiple counties when they have the need. He has been a routine guy for the Indiana State Police and is always willing to help other services when they are in need. Paddack is always striving to stay ahead of the industry to keep up with new training to serve his customers better and help develop new standards in the industry. Jeff sits on the board of a national wrecker insurance committee and always looks to the future but never losing track of his past.


Owner – Jacob Ripley was born and raised in Westfield, Indiana. Jacob is a Third-Generation career Towing and Recovery Operator in the family business. Jacob, at the young age of 3 months old, experienced his first recovery down in the ditch with a lifelong family friend and Towing Instructor. Wes held Jacob in his arms while teaching the class. This was just the start of countless recoveries with his Father and Grandfather.

Jacob has devoted his entire life to living up to the footsteps of his father Jeff and grandfather Norm. At the age of 18, Jacob graduated from High School. He began to travel a few States receiving multiple certifications, including NCCCO, Wreckmaster, and Miller Industries Ring Leaders Class, to name a few. 

Miller Industries, a Worldwide Towing and Recovery Equipment Mfr. recognized Jacob’s abilities and dedication to the Industry. 2020 will be Jacob’s 4th year as a Hands-On Demo Instructor for Miller’s Bi-Annual Rotator Ring Leaders Class.

Jacob’s strength and knowledge as a Leader in the Industry while working side by side with his Father have been vital to Paddack’s growth and continued success.